zondag 6 oktober 2019


1964 - Born in The Hague, The Netherlands, from Indo-Dutch descent.
1965 - Diagnosed with severe asthma.

1973 - Family visit to California, USA. Discovers music as stress relief through a Magnus electric chord organ (model 300).
1977 - Discovers Punkrock through the media. Has sexual phantasies about Deborah Harry.
1979 - Second family visit to California.Buys his first electric guitar and starts his first band and fanzine, Art In Revolution.

1980 - Collaboration with the Rotterdam based Red Rock collective. Correspondence with Crass.
1981 - Starts playing drums in post-punkband NRA (Niet Reëel Aanbod). First involvement with cassette culture. Studying Cultural Work.
1982 - Job experience at local youth club Paard van Troje as video programmer. Writes for fanzine BOH (Binnenlandse OntwikkelingsHulp). NRA becomes support act for The Poison Girls during their Dutch tour. Correspondence with Fritz Catlin (23 Skidoo). Becomes a member of the Temple Ov Psychic Youth. Starts experimental music duo with Hans Boogmans called Des Duyvels Doedelsack.
1983 - Organizes experimental art concerts, screenings and exhibitions at De Kapel, in the attic of the Paard. Opening event with Laibach and The Last Few Days.
1984 - Continues De Kapel. Initiates musical project Salò Mentale. Experiments with drugs. Starts a series of visits to London, UK. David Tibet (Current 93) introduces him to Geff Rushton from Coil. Regular visits to Coil until 1988.
1985 - Starts occultural fanzine Abrahadabra with several friends. Continues De Kapel. Studying Psychology (for three months).
1986 - Writes a novel (destroyed) and takes up painting. Interviews Derek Jarman for Ambassade Festival (Amsterdam).
1987 - Birth of Stichting (foundation) Maldoror, an outlet for printed matter and cassette publications. Musical accompaniment of poet Erik Lindner (until approx. 1992).
1988 - Interviews William Burroughs after translating and publishing his pamphlet 'Electronic Revolution' into Dutch. Performs drums in Diamanda Galás' video for 'Double-Barrel Prayer', directed by Peter Christopherson.
1989 - Interviews Hermann Nitsch through Gerhard Petak, published in newspaper Mondain Den Haag.

1991 - De Kapel II, a series of multi-disciplinary art events organized by Maldoror in forementioned Paard Kapel. First showing of paintings at De Kapel II, with Victor van der Oever.
1992 - More multi-disciplinary art events organized by Maldoror in Paard; 'You must go on, I can't go on, I'll go on', L'Autre Monde, Wiener Aktionismus / Wiener Heute, etc.
1993 - Start of Maldoror Galerie (until 1997). Visiting Beth B. and Richard Kern in New York, USA. More Maldoror events; De Kapel Literair, ACH Europa, Pier Paolo Pasolini - een programma. Publication of the novella 'Erzsébet' by Erzsébet Baerveldt through Maldoror publishers. Second public showing of paintings and drawings during group exhibition 'Exhibition II' for Maldoror Galerie.
1994 - Collaboration with Jan Duivenvoorden (Unit Moebius) on several musical projects (Radio Tonka, Cor Gout etc.). More multi-disciplinary art events organized by Maldoror in Paard; Zonegrens, Dichters Beeldend Kunstenaars (in association with Crossing Border festival), curator for Frank Starik's Starik Museum in The Hague.
1995 - Cunker Records, a cassette label for electronic/experimental music (until 1998), releases by KK, Willem Kloos Groep, Zen Faschisten, Syncom Data, Flash and more. Organizes 'De Dronken Boot', a group exhibition for Maldoror Galerie. Multi-disciplinary art event organized by Maldoror in Paard; Zonegrens.
1996 - Multi-disciplinary art events organized by Maldoror in local theatre Korzo; Zonegrens II. Assists Staalplaat music label at Sonderangebot festival in Berlin, Germany.
1997 - Involvement with Discorso, a series of literary events at Korzo. Break up of first generation Stichting Maldoror. Continues organizing art events at Casuariestraat 16 (Het Archief, SCSI Cell, The White Space) until 2005.
1998 - Voluntary work as new media (internet) librarian at Johan de Witt high school in The Hague.
1999 - Voluntary work in a local community center, teaching art and music to children and adolescents (until 2006).

2000 - Bass player for surf band The White Trash Minstrels.
2001 - Musical project with several children, The HATZ.
2004 - Collaborations with Dutch/Moroccon band Majmou3at l'Ambiance.
2005 - Visits to Morocco and Suriname.
2006 - Moving with partner to Paramaribo (Suriname). Helps out artist George Struikelblok with an artist in residence location and initiates a library for Nola Hatterman Art Academy.
2007 - Participates with ink drawings in the first Paramaribo Biennale, curated by Toon Verhoef. After returning to The Hague, participates for second generation Stichting Maldoror in the Stroom Den Haag group show 'Empire of Islands', curated by Gerrit Jan de Rook.
2008 - Weekly therapy sessions at Centrum 45 for second generation war trauma.
2009 - Diagnosed with ADHD. Runs Jan Huijgen Galerie with painter Roeland Langendoen for a year. Curator of group exhibition 'Multiculturalism' at Villa Nuts in The Hague, with works by Surinamese artists Remond Mangoensemito, Sunil Puljhun, Ravi Rajcoomar and Raul Wongsodihardjo.

2010 - With Jan Duivenvoorden supporting Marcel Pinas opening his children's art center Tembe Art Studio in Moengo (Suriname). With Jan-Maarten Luursema curating the one night event 'Surb Retnug' at Villa Grijpsheert, about the Viennese art scene and Günter Brus in particular.
2011 - Maldoror Galerie II in his living room in Chinatown, The Hague.
2012 - Celebrating third generation Stichting Maldoror's 25th birthday in collaboration with Arya Jalu and Museum Dan Tanah Liat in Yogyakarta (Indonesia); showing 25 works of Dutch artists. Tour through Java with Salò Mentale and Unit Moebius as SMVSUM.
2013 - Continuing celebrating Stichting Maldoror's 25th birthday, showing works of 25 Indonesian artists at Vrije Academie/Gemak (The Hague). Starts voluntary work as music teacher with patients from Reakt/Parnassia mental health organization.
2015 - Collaborates with Ibrahim R. Ineke on bookshop Maldoracca, a fusion of Maldoror and Baracca. Discovers printing-on-demand and compiles a book on 100 Years Dada, with contributions from both 'normal' artists and patients. Participates in Staalplaat Soundsystem project 'Zeero' for Today's Art (The Hague).
2017 - Maldoror Galerie III, monthly exhibitions in the window display of daycare center Het Sterhuis of Reakt/Parnassia.
2018 - Publication of poetry by Martijn Sluijter for Maldoracca/Parnassia.
2019 - Duo exhibition with Barbarizm at art space Trixie, The Hague. Curator for Onze Ambassade music festival in collaboration with West Den Haag.