zaterdag 1 juni 2013

I n t r o d u c t i o n

Born in The Hague (The Netherlands), 1964. Male, of Indo-Dutch descent. A childhood marked by asthma. My best friends were books, a b/w TV, a tape recorder and a Magnus chord organ. The family visited Disneyland (CA) when I was nine. Several of my father's brothers lived in that area.

My health improved at puberty. We moved away from the (Zuider)park, to a concrete jungle in Voorburg. I discovered punk-rock and went out to buy issues of 'Sniffin' Glue' magazine. We visited Disneyland again, and I got myself an electric guitar. Started my own band and magazine. At a local youth club I saw bands such as Crass and The Fall, which inspired me to study cultural work. Worked at local youth club Paard van Troje for three years. At the age of nineteen, after three months of studying psychology, I decided to try to turn my hobby, the arts, into my profession.

For several years I made journeys, sometimes to Barcelona or Budapest, but mostly to London, to visit my new friends whom I had acquainted, more or less, through the Temple Ov Psychick Youth. I became a close friend of Geff and Sleazy from Coil. In 1987 several friends and myself started the Maldoror Foundation, an organization promoting transgressive art in any form possible (ie. events, exhibitions, publications). Our first action was to publish my translation of William Burroughs' 'Electronic Revolution'. Ten years later, close to becoming an establishhed institute, the Maldoror Foundation withdrew back into the cultural and squatters' underground scene. Besides that, I took up my old profession, teaching art and music to children and adolescents in The Hague's Painters' District.

Here I met my new partner, with whom I decided to move to former Dutch colony Suriname, north of the Amazone. My main activity was setting up the media library of the Art Academy of capital Paramaribo. After two years, late 2007, my partner broke up with me unexpectedly, and I returned to The Hague, ready for some serious therapy. For almost two years I was treated for having a second generation war trauma; in 2009 I was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Medication caused extreme asthma attacks.

In 2012, due to financial luck, a good friend and myself were able to travel to Yogyakarta (Indonesia), where we celebrated Maldoror's 25th year of existence with several concerts and an exhibition. On returning, I slowly got myself back on track again, and am currently teaching music to psychiatric patients, focusing on exhibitions and starting a new publishing company with Ibrahim R. Ineke, called 'Maldoracca' (or 'Maldoror-Baracca'). (Aug 27 2014)

Painting (top right) by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (ca. 1990).

woensdag 1 mei 2013

S o u n d & M u s i c

Bands in chronological order;

Art In Revolution (1979 - 1980):

A punk trio from Voorburg. I sang and played guitar. We ocassionally had a guest vocalist. Performed live with The Rondos and The Brommers. Nation wide radio concert with The Young Lions for VPRO. [Link]

Niet Reëel Aanbod (1981 - 1982):

Post-punkband from The Hague, played about every major city in The Netherlands, sometimes collaborating with the Poison Girls, Theatre of Hate and Etter. Played mostly drums, sometimes bass. [Link]

Des Duyvels Doedelsack (1982 - 1984):

"Hans 'Boogieman' Boogmans, Anthony Blokdijk and friends, recorded lots of improvised post-punk stylings in and around Den Haag, Holland, between 1982 and 1984.Pretty typical commune dwelling type free rock, framed by a lack of technical ability. Some would call this "Hippie Music", and I can`t disagree;but hippie doesn`t always mean fake peace and love, sexual repression of women, lazy middle class dropouts, soap dodgers,(this list could go on).....etc." (From Anything that makes a sound. [Link]

Salò Mentale (1984 - 2013):

Playing, again, anything that makes a sound. Released one twelve inch record in 1997. Facebook page.

Erik Lindner Trio (1990 - 1994):

Playing guitar for poet Erik Lindner, often with pianist Jan-Kees Haks. [Link]

The White Trash Minstrels (2000):

Surf-rock, associated with The Hague's Bunker Records. Played bass, as can be heard on one seven inch single. [Link]

The HATZ (2001 - 2004):

The Harun Alex Tony Zakaria experience... Experimental free jazz by boys aged 10 - 37 in The Hague's Painters' District. Playing mostly drums. [Link]

SMVSUM (2011 - 2012):

Salò Mentale's eighties cover project with Unit Moebius. Playing bass and vocals. [Link]

Blokdijk, Both, Callender & Duivenvoorden (2013):

Percussion and electronics. Facebook page.

Recordings & Events;

Collaborated as sound engineer / live mixer / guest musician etc. with Bene Gesserit, The Black Sheep, BMB Con., Bongo Charlie, Boyd Rice/NON, Channa Boon, Club Moral, Cor Gout, Dame Darcy, DHS, Erik-Jan Harmens, Ermelinda Resende, Etant Donnés, F. Gerard Lelieveld, F. Starik/Willem Kloos Groep, Hashashan, Ibrahim R. Ineke, Jungle Boy, Jaap Blonk, KK, Klaar van der Lippe, Laibach, Last Few Days, Lukas Simonis, Majmou3at l'Ambiance, Mischa Poppe, Nathalie Houtermans, Petra de Winter, Radio Tonka, Raoul de Vries/Md0, Reinforcement, Sabrina Lindemann, Shitcluster, Staalplaat, The Wex, The Wings, Unit Moebius... The list goes on.

maandag 1 april 2013

P a i n t i n g & D r a w i n g

Since early adolescence I was struck by artists such as Francis Bacon, Brion Gysin, Austin Osman Spare, Gee Vaucher (from the band Crass) and movements such as Dada, Surrealism and Viennese Actionism. As a child I joined several drawing contests and actually won some prizes. In the mid eighties I took up on painting. My house was a bigger mess than Francis Bacon's studio...
I felt I was never able to finish a work. In fact, I still don't; my paintings are finished when they turn into the hands of friends or collectors. I've stopped making new works since my journey to Indonesia in 2012. I'm just recycling the old ones.

Exhibitions (a selection):

De Kapel II, Paard/Kapel, 1990 (with Victor van der Oever)
Aids related Arts, Beurs van Berlage/Melkweg, Amsterdam 1992 (group)
Paintings, Blauwe Aanslag/Water en Brood, The Hague 1992 (solo)
Exhibitie II, Maldoror Galerie, The Hague 1993 (group)
Blauw van de Hemel, Fukwoends, Breda 1994 (solo)
Paramaribo Biennale, Suriname 2007 (group)
Empire of Islands, Stroom Den Haag, 2007 (group) [Link]
25 Years Stichting Maldoror, Museum Dan Tanah Liat, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2012 (group) [Link]
Ritual & Practice @ BuroRotterdam, 2013 (group)
In Your Living Room, Villa Ockenburgh, The Hague 2013 (solo)
Shit Is The New gold, Exo, The Hague 2014 (group)
Paintings, Haagsche Kopjes Kappers, The Hague 2016 (with Marie-Claire van der Heijden)
Stitching Maldoror, Mimesia Gallery, The Hague 2016 (group)
Bohemien, Hoop, The Hague 2017 (group)
UNRELATED | Until now!, Kutscherhaus, Recklinghausen Germany 2017 (group)


Works have been published in print in magazines De Konfrontatie, Rapaille, Punt/Punkt., the book De Kapel II, the CD booklet from Sluik/Kurpershoek's 'Brand' and a poster for Stichting Underground Benelux.

vrijdag 1 maart 2013

W r i t i n g & P u b l i s h i n g

As I was ill quite often as a youth, a visit to the library by myself (or family members) became a necessity. On the verge of puberty I remember two books that made a huge impression on me; "Are we all nazi's?" by sociologist Hans Askenasy and "De Autobandieten" by anarchist Anton Constandse. Soon I discovered the Beat writers, especially William Burroughs. Cut-Ups seemed to make more sense to me than plain narrative novels.
Over the years, my involved with written language has been minimalized. Besides a certain overkill of alcohol and drugs, I definitely assume the diagnosis ADHD is a root cause. On the other hand, I do keep on making art books until this very day.

In print... A selection.


Several texts on Coil (Abrahadabra, Opscene, Alterock, 1985 - 1990)
Austin Osman Spare (Abrahadabra 1986)
Een regisseur genaamd Toeval en een technicus genaamd Vergissing (De Tijd Is Om, 1987)
Introductory text for Salò Mentale's 'Sensationale' cassette and booklet (Maldoror 1988)
Interview with Hermann Nitsch (Mondain Den Haag, 1990)
Crowley & Pop (Abrahadabra, Maldoror 1990)
Editorials for De Konfrontatie/Het Katern (ca. 1994)
Casuariestraat 16 (Unknown publisher, 2006)


William S. Burroughs - Electronische Revolutie (Maldoror 1988)
J.G. Ballard - De Komst van het Onderbewustzijn (Abrahadabra, Maldoror 1988)
Hakim Bey - Chaos (unpublished, 1994)

Involvement with magazines and publishing companies:

Art In Revolution (1980)
BOH (Binnenlandse Ontwikkelingshulp) (1981 - 1982)
Pidoewa (1982 - 1984)
Abrahadabra (1985 - 1990)
Stichting Maldoror (1987 - ...)
Mondain Den Haag / Trespassers W (1990 - 1999)
Het Katern (cultural supplement of De Konfrontatie) (ca. 1994)

vrijdag 1 februari 2013

F i l m & P e r f o r m a n c e

My earliest memories of television are Pippi Longstocking and an amazing series of Czech animation with dolls (title unknown). Around 1980 there was local pirate television around, and I went to see Crass, who were showing 8 mm films by Gee Vaucher and Mick Duffield at their concerts. That's how I initially got interested in film-making. In 1982 I had become a huge fan of Throbbing Gristle. Unfortunately the band had just split up, but I did see live footage of their last show via Target Video. Thus I became a member of the pseudo-relgious cult group the Temple Ov Psychick Youth. Psychic TV, the musical outlet of the cult, stated: "We are not a music group working with video, but a video group working with music". Working in youth club Paard van Troje made it possible for me to experiment with video (which was fairly new those days). As a friend of Coil, I overheard Peter Christopherson being in need of a drummer for Diamanda Galás' video clip for 'Double Barrel Prayer'. I volunteered and got the job. I also bought an 8 mm camera, took it with me on vacation to Barcelona and made beautiful shots of Gaudi's cathedral. Weeks later, my movies returned, almost completely black, nothing to be seen. It took decades before we entered a digital age and I returned to this particular medium.

Other inspiring (film)moments were my encounters with Derek Jarman, Richard Kern and Beth B., but it wasn't until 2007 that I shot my first short production; a meeting in Suriname between two painters, Toon Verhoef and Remond Mangoensemito. Last summer I finished an experimental movie, "Holidays In The Sun", and currently I am working on a documentary about Dutch underground music icon Koos Nuijens.

Filmography (a selection):

Toon Verhoef Meets Remond Mangoensemito (2007)
KK @ Empire of Islands (2008) [Link]
Several movies for Maldoror Galerie (2011) [Link]
Several videoclips for SMVSUM (2012) [Link]
Holidays In The Sun (2013) [Link]
Koos Nuijens In Memoriam (2013 - 2014)

Performance (a selection):

Ishittal (being a member of The Haters in front of a b/w TV), Kijkhuis The Hague (1987) [Link]
You must go on, I can't go on, I'll go on (non-verbal lecture), Beckett Festival, The Hague (1992) [Link]
Resurrection Body (installation by Rita Myers), World Wide Video Festival, The Hague (1993) [Link]
Rockstar (with Bootlak), I Rip You, You Rip Me, Rotterdam (1998) [Link]
Birdprayers (project by Arya Pandjalu and Sara Nuytemans), Tong Tong Festival, The Hague (2010) [Link]